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Why Wait?

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Barack Obama

New year is a time when many of us turn toward new beginnings, new habits, new rituals. It’s a great time to assess and see where we are at. I’m a great procrastinator, especially around things that are a little scary. I usually discover once I’ve jumped in to the thing that scares me, it’s less frightening than i thought. Sometimes I wish I had just done it sooner.

I love seeing all the community names coming up as you sign in to the website and start to explore the options available at our yoga studio. It reminds me of when I first moved to Northfield. I would walk by the yoga studio on division street and pick up a flyer and think, 'someday I'll give that a try.' It was YEARS later, the studio was in a whole new space, when my friend Linda dragged me to my first class. I spent the whole time in savasana clearing my schedule, so that I could go to yoga at LEAST 5 times a week.

That's an example of "I wish I'd done that sooner." What was I waiting for? Yoga changed my life so profoundly for the better. I am grateful now that I had that good friend to help me make the first step to a journey I still love being on.

What's holding you back? Why wait for a New Year's resolution to kick in, or a better time in life to get started or a better body to be in? Why wait? Start now! Check the box & take it from unknown, to known. Get through the hesitation and fear and walk into the doing & growing. If you are like my friend Linda, go pick up that special person and bring them to the yoga studio. Do it together.

Remember that yoga is designed to meet you where you are. Today. You don't have to be stronger, or more flexible, or better balanced. Yoga will help you with all those things. Unlike many other forms of fitness, yoga strives to let go of judgement & anticipation. If you truly show up & listen to your body, mind & breath, then every class will be designed for you.

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