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It reminds me I am part of a whole.

I recently watched the movie Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. If you like the little snippets of Marcel on YouTube, you will probably enjoy this full length movie. There’s a great monologue at the end where Marcel is remembering an aunt who died and who leads him to a contemplative spot to ponder. Once led to the spot, Marcel’s shell makes a unique whistling sound.

“It felt just like her to lead me to a place where I would experience something new and special.

It connected me, I felt, to everything. Because if I wasn't there the sound would never exist. I felt like everything was in pieces but when I stood there, suddenly we were one large instrument.”

It immediately reminded me of the passage in Thich Nhat Hahn that asks ‘What is a Leaf?’ When we look at a leaf it tells the story of the tree, the sun, the rain, the soil and all the other miraculous things that go into making a leaf. Everything is connected.

The yoga studio has been open for 5 months now! When I look back over our opening months there have been learning curves and challenges, but mostly what I see is all of you! I see the richness of the community coming together in this space, communicating & sharing. There’s a palpable feeling of integration and connection. From the little introductions and interactions between students meeting each other before and after class, to the buzz in the studio after a Music Meditation, to the bubbling excitement of a Family Yoga event, there is such a feeling of union, off all the parts aligning.

Thank you. Thank you to all who join us for classes and events, to the talented & caring teachers who are invested in their classes and for all the stories that are shared. You have all helped create a safe & beautiful home for the yogis of Northfield.

This month we are bringing back Yoga for Cyclists with Deb, by popular demand! We also added an early morning 7am class on Friday for those of you who asked for one. We are also excited to host our first Women’s Clothing Swap on May 20th from 2-4pm.

When we opened we wanted to focus on a solid yoga schedule. There has always been the plan to add community events that fit with our yoga mindset. Consider River Flow Yoga as a potential place to hold a community event! Email us at to inquire about your event.

As Marcel the Shell says, “ I like to go there a lot. Because it reminds me that I'm not just one separate piece rattling around in this place, but that I'm part of a whole. And I truly enjoy the sound of myself connected to everything.”

Thanks to all of you for those meaningful connections.

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