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What a Homecoming it's been!

We officially opened one week ago on December 4th. Each person who walks through the door has such a look of joy and warmth. Many familiar faces, and many new greetings with people who have moved to town since the pandemic, all eager to invite a full time yoga studio to their community. Every single one of you have given us such a beautiful feeling of coming home.

During the pandemic we all became the best we could at isolating, keeping loved ones safe, learning new techniques of self care. I kept up my yoga practice with my zoomies, aka pajama people, and am so grateful to them for keeping me engaged on my own yoga path. Connecting online was different, but there was (and still is!) some convenience from doing a class from anywhere. Students joined in from Denver, Arizona and as far flung as Germany. We still made the connect, kept each other in the circle of yoga feeling & movement.

Opening the doors was sort of awkward at first. How do we behave? How do we greet people? Is hugging ok? Can we burst out crying because we have so many feels happening? I know that all of us as teachers, even though being very used to teaching, felt a little nervous. There was a little of that 'first day of school' butterflies feeling with everyone. But then you arrived for class. You walked in the door with that joyful look on your face. You shared YOUR stories.

I have always known that this community is very special. It's rich with all kinds of wonderful humans, living their lives in the best way they can and contributing to this idea of life. Bringing those lives together and being willing to, again, venture into the shared consciousness of our yoga journey has been a heart opening experience full of gratitude. Thank you.

This time of year is full of home comings. We invite you, our community, to come to your new yoga home. We are an inclusive group. We look forward to having you back, meeting new yogis and embracing the season with yoga for joy, centering, gratitude and renewed strength.

Our personal mythologies intermingle with the myths of the land. We become part of a place and it's history. And even when we do not originate from a place, dwelling with intention helps us be of a place. We become local. In other words, to dwell with intention is an act of homecoming.

Solstice, The Earth Spirit Hearth and Home

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